New Sound Effects Company and Library

Hi All,

So recently I have found that I have had some time on my hands and whilst plodding through my computer remembered a whole bunch of sound recordings that I completed for my dissertation back in 2010.

My dissertation was based around the importance and growing need of high quality weapon sounds for video game and motion picture. To cut a long story short, I came to the conclusion that the mechanical sounds of a weapon play the largest part in defining its character. This study allowed me to travel to an indoor firing range in the UK and record some guns.... lovely.

Now due to the fact that the range was indoors it became evident that the explosive sounds and actual firing of the weapons that were recorded were unusable due to the crazy amounts of flutter echo and reverb on the recordings.

So with the help of good friend of mine Lewis Haley, we recorded all of the foley, or mechanical movements of all the guns in the UK Police armoury. This involved many actions, including, cocking the weapons, mag inserts, mag ejects, dry firing, stock extending etc. We were able to capture several takes of each movement for each weapon, which quite frankly bored the firearms officer something rotten. Sorry Jon.

These sounds have sat on my computer for almost 4 years now, doing nothing but taking up HDD space. So I decided to edit them, tweak them, inject metadata and actually release a small sound effects library that may be of use to sound editors and designers.

When considering releasing this library, I was initially intending to just stick it up online under my own name, but knowing that I wish to release more in the future, and receiving some advice from other established sound effects legends, I decided to release this under a "company" name. 

So here it is, the first release from SPECTRAL VIBRATIONS, Gun Mechanics: UK Police Issue.

Spectral Vibrations first Sound Effects Library: Gun Mechanics: UK Police Issue

Spectral Vibrations first Sound Effects Library: Gun Mechanics: UK Police Issue

The library contains 254 sound effects - all of which have been edited down to single action/motion to allow easy auditioning and to save space. The library contains 6 Weapons: H&K G36K, H&K MP5K, Glock 17, Tikka T3 Hunter Rifle, Bennelli Pump Action Shotgun and H&K L104A Grenade Launcher.


Glock 17

Glock 17

Heckler and Koch G36K

Heckler and Koch G36K

All the sounds included in the library are mono 24bit 48 kHz so the file size is very small, around 90mb Unpacked. There are many variations of the same action, and in some cases the differences are near to none, however, I decided to leave all the sounds in the library, as to me, the tiniest of difference may make a huge difference.

Each sound is embedded with sound miner metadata so you can locate them easily. 

As this is the first library release and due to the fact that these recordings had low overheads. Gun Mechanics: UK Police Issue is selling at £9.99


That's a whole lot of clicks and clacks for a tenner.......


Spectral Vibrations is currently located on my own website and will in time receive its very own site. Although I need to get more libraries completed first.

So head over to my SPECTRAL VIBRATIONS page and purchase away good people.

As always, I appreciate and welcome feedback and criticisms. So get in touch.


Thanks All


Graham Donnelly