New "Free Stuff Page"

I am getting closer to completing the new website and have recently added a "Free Stuff" Page.  

This page is where you will find certain audio related stuff, all for free. Currently there are 2 sound effects libraries up for download, a mini sci-fi library and a library containing all the free sound effects that I recorded throughout 2012. 

My reason behind having a free stuff page is simple really. Everyone loves free stuff and if it helps people out, then that makes me happy to. 

I spend a lot of time, messing around and playing with new ways to record or create sounds, and sometimes these experimental sessions yield some interesting results and I feel it to be a waste to keep them locked away on my computer all to myself.

The sci-fi library, for example was created from 2 unique recorded sounds that I had captured in the past, and simply mangled within plug ins in pro tools. I think I spent around 3 or 4 hours just squashing, stretching, pitching, morphing etc. The end result is this mini library. Now they may not be the most unique, versatile or dynamic in nature, but you simply never know when a sound like this may come in handy. 

So keep your eyes peeled on this page for any future updates and free releases etc. I will no doubt tweet about it as and when it happens, so if you would like to keep in touch, follow me on Twitter.


Thanks all,


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