Attending the Premiere of a Feature length Documentary that I completed.

Attending the Premiere of a Feature length Documentary that I completed.

I am a sound editor, recordist, designer and mixer for film, television, video game and other multimedia.  I have been working in this field for around 7 years and have worked on some very exciting and challenging projects. My work has been broadcast on television and also in the theatre.

My background lies in music recording and studio engineering, I studied Music Technology at college and went onto complete my Degree in Audio Production, with heavy emphasis on Sound Design in modern motion picture and video game. 

During my time working with music in recording studios and on location, I was always very interested in sound (in general), the science of it and the equipment that we have to capture and manipulate it. This interest bonded with my huge love for film and Video games and ever since I have been working with sound in a multimedia capacity. 

I have worked with abstract sound design and delivered work for large Television channels, including Sky, National Geographic and the BBC. I have worked with some incredibly talented film makers and delivered full surround theatre mixes for them. Capturing and designing sounds for video games is an area that I love to work in. I have managed a small team of sound designers within a development company and together we are creating a full game audio experience. I am fortunate enough to work with some extremely talented game developers and will be able to share this with you all soon (I Hope).

I am constantly working on new projects and often creating new ones myself to explore and develop sound in as much depth as possible. It is my absolute passion and allows me the opportunity to create and meet some very excellent people.

If you are currently creating something exciting and are looking for some audio work to be completed, do not hesitate to drop me a line and get in touch. I love to meet new creative people, who have the same enthusiasm for their work as I do.

Thanks for stopping by.


- Graham